imitation teak deck for boat

Tally Ho… will sail again! Sampson Boat Co.

Hey Leo, I’ve been following your progress and I was wondering if you were looking for some help. I’m not a boat builder but build higher end furniture in my own shop. So I’m accustomed to using basically every tool. I would enjoy the work and opportunity to help with

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Boat seat, Boat chair All boating and marine industry manufacturers Videos

A boat seat is usually for the vessel's helm, a fighting chair for fishing or deck furniture, including wooden chairs, lounges and similar items. Applications A helm seat is essential for comfortable steering. Both interior and deck models are designed to limit fatigue

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Pocket Cruisers and Trailer sailers for Every Sailing Style Sail Magazine

I saw the Diva 24 DC at a European boat show last year and was impressed not only with its attractive looks—the teak lookalike antiskid on the deck and in the cockpit gave it some extra class—but its build quality and well thought out ergonomics. All lines lead aft

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Poliseno Marine d'occasion Doral concessionnaire à Oka, QC J0N 1E0

Chez Poliseno Marine, la satisfaction des besoins de tous nos clients constitue notre priorité. Nous le savons, vos attentes sont élevées. Voilà donc notre défi: satisfaire et surpasser vos attentes en toutes circonstances. Laissez nous vous démontrer notre

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Boat Review by David Pascoe Grady White 24 Voyager

The new and improved version of the Offshore 24 of the late 1980's and early 1990's, this is a much better boat than the Offshore 24 reviewed on this site. The basic hull looks to be about the same, but the deck shell has been greatly refined, from a

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Blue Water Cruising Williams and Smithells

What to look for in a Yacht ? Offshore, costal, liveaboard, sabbatical, world cruiser, med cruiser, summer sailor, weekend sailor ? ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ KISS we’ve read this in so many publications over the years but at the end of the day it is so true for all sailing

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