high density plastic kennel flooring

Synthetic Rubber Types Santoprene and Neoprene

There are various synthetic rubber types, such as Santoprene and Neoprene. Both compounds have similar and differing components and characteristics. The contrasting properties of these synthetic elastomers make each product distinctive. In other words

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5 Mechanical Properties of Natural Rubber Pure Gum Rubber

Pure gum rubber, also known as natural rubber, is the elastomer that started it all. Made out of the coagulated latex produced from the Para rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis, natural rubber has been used as far back as 1600 BCE. The ancient Mesoamerican

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1 MMA Mats High Density Interlocking Tiles

Description Our 1” interlocking MMA Mats are constructed with a high density EVA foam that comes in two reversible colors, allowing you to use both sides of the tile as your flooring surface. These tiles still feature the same water drop top but are now solid color

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