fire rated decorative wall panels

Fire Rated Wall, Panels and Sheets, FRP Ceiling Panels and Tiles

Fire Rated Wall Low Flame FRP While Kal Lite FRP is combustible, low flame FRP boasts a burn rate of less than 1.5 inches per minute by ASTM D635, allowing it to meet all class A interior finishing requirements for most building codes. It has not been tested

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EN45545 2 R1 R10 Fire Retardant Plywood Flooring and Wall Panels

EN45545 2 R1 R10 Flame proof plywood, Interior Vertical panels, Flooring panels, Rain carriage and Transport floors Birch Plywood Flooring Panels R10 to HL1, HL2 HL3 Birch Plywood Interior Vertical Panels R1 to HL1 HL2 Birch Plywood/Laminate

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Interlam MDF Wavy Wall Panels 3d Wall Panels Decorative Wall Panels Interlam Corporation

INTERLAM is the innovator and the leading manufacturer of high end SCULPTED WALL PANELS, CARVED WALL PANELS, DECORATIVE WALL PANELS, ORNAMENTAL WALL PANELS, COLORED MDF, and components based in the United States. We

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USG Astro Acoustical Panels Fire Rated Ceiling Tiles

With ClimaPlus Performance Built to last, these sag resistant panels also offer mold and mildew protection, as well as optional increased fire resistance. USG Astro Acoustical Ceiling Panels are fine textured, non perforated and non fissured panels that are

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Plastic Ceiling Panels and Tiles, Fire Rated Ceilings and Paneling

Plastic Ceiling Panels Kal Lite is a premier manufacturer of opaque fiberglass reinforced ceiling panels suitable for a wide range of applications. Some of the more common applications for ceiling panels include use in bathrooms, kitchens, food processing areas

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