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Small Home with a Big Garage Floor Plan

If you’re like me you might also like thinking of ways to build tiny or build small while still meeting minimum local building and zoning codes. This small home with a big garage floor plan seems like it might be able to do just that. I like to think of these ideas or designs as ‘loopholes

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What is the Difference Between a Porch, Balcony, Veranda, Patio and Deck?

This term has two forms, ‘verandah’ also being correct, although the version without an ‘h’ is usually preferred. A veranda is a roofed platform along the outside of a house. It’s level with the ground floor and often extends across both the front and the sides of the

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25 More 2 Bedroom 3D Floor Plans Interior Design Ideas, Interior Designs, Home Design Ideas, Room Design Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Decorating

Two bedrooms may not be a mansion, but with the right layout it can be plenty of space for a growing family or even a swinging single. The best apartment layout for any situation will depend on how important noise, light, and privacy are to its inhabitants. For instance, parents with a young child

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Top 2018 Sunroom Designs Ideas Plans Pictures

A sunroom is very similar to building an outdoor living area, only the space is enclosed by walls. You can sit and enjoy the beauty of your backyard while staying safe from inclement weather. Sun porch designs often consist of a building that has three walls full of

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Guidelines for Additions, Infill and Multiple Conversion Dwelling in Association with the Retention of a Character House in an RS Zone

2.2 Character House Retention Requirements To be eligible for incentives, including conditional floor area, infill or conversion, the existing character house must be retained and restored to its original character as viewed from the street. At the pre application stage

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Projects Ecotect Architects

The South Beach Promenade site in South Fremantle has a beautiful, uninterrupted north westerly view across parkland to the beach. The brief for the project was for a passive solar, Fremantle style house with an upper floor retreat. The client’s intention was to

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Frank Lloyd Wright Steiner Agency

E. A. CUMMINGS REAL ESTATE OFFICE 1905 S.112 Date: C 1907 Title: E. A. Cummings Real Estate Office, circa 1907 1905 S.112 . Description: Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1905, little is know about the building, and few photographs exist.

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