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Ms. Fanservice: Her dancing dress in iDream of Dance, being clad a bikini in the skit of iHatch Chicks, being in a sports bra and boxing shorts in iFight Shelby Marx, being bound and gagged by Sam in iSpeed Date, wearing a sleeveless blouse and skimpy shorts in iBeat the Heat

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Straw Character TV Tropes

Stan Smith: Make your voice heard, even if it's a whining, sanctimonious liberal voice trying to get illegal immigrants free hair gel and heroin. Brian Griffin: Or if you're a trigger happy, conservative, weasel faced hate spigot. In the strawman fallacy, a debater constructs a weakened or just

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Skye Blaven Blà Bheinn

Brief history Archaeological evidence suggests that Skye was first populated around 4,000 BC by Neolithic farmers from Europe though there are suggestions that Mesolithic nomads reached the Western Isles 2,000 years earlier. The early Celtic occupants have left

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