design of suspended timber upper floors

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The whole project incorporates natural materials from sustainable sources: floors and tabletops made of bamboo and ceilings and shelves made of pine wood. Nature is incorporated into the interior design with a modular vertical garden system placed at the entrance

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Suspended ground floors Northumbria University

Suspended ground floors Early forms As mentioned above, the basic design principle for the early suspended floors was for timber joists to be raised above the ground normally being supported in some way by the external walls together with a series of sleeper walls

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Floors and Flooring SANS10400 Building Regulations South Africa

Since a large number of different floor finishes are designed for use on screeded floors, we will look at all of these, including timber products, in the next section. Here we’re going to talk about traditional suspended timber floors. The timber floor structure will be

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New River Yard Clerkenwell EC1 NEW

A unique and desirable working environment in a newly refurbished former Victorian warehouse, one of four buildings that comprise New River Yard in Clerkenwell. The story of the refurbishment begins with the main entrance an imaginative repurposing of the old

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Insulation YourHome Australia's guide to designing, building and living in environmentally sustainable homes.

Common types of bulk insulation Material Description Flat ceilings, pitched roof Cathedral or raked ceilings Timber floors Suspended slabs Slab edges Full masonry walls Framed walls *Consult manufacturers for maximum roof slope to which loose fill insulation can

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Upper floors Northumbria University

Upper floors The basic functions of an upper floor are relatively simple in that the floor must provide a level smooth surface capable of supporting the required dead and imposed loads. There does also have to be an element of fire resistance to the floor together with

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Design process Main articles: Concept design, Steel material properties The fundamental process of structural design commences with the preparation of a structural concept, which is itself based on an architectural design for the structure. For simple, common

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