decking with open treads and no risers

Surrey Carpentry

Built in Fitted Bookcase and Media Centre, Godalming, Surrey This job was a real pleasure to do. The customer had nearly finished the build of the house, which used to be a bungalow, now transformed into a superb, modern open plan dwelling, and this MDF and

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Guide To Designing Stairs and Laying Out Stair Stringers Do It Yourself Stairbuilding

If the top front corners of all the stair treads were connected with an imaginary line, this would be called the Nose Line. All of the tread noses should touch this line, but small deviations are not a problem. When designing indoor stairs such as basement stairs , the

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Space Saver Staircases from Tradestairs Space saving Alternating Tread stairs

The Beech 40 Spacesaver range Select from Assembled or Flatpack and a selection of the number of risers you require. Specification Strings 40mm Engineered Beech Treads 40mm Engineered Beech Risers 9mm Beech Faced Plywood Carpet inserts are optional.

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Stairway Tread Width Tread Nose Details for Stair Construction Inspection

Stair tread, and step specifications codes Stair tread with and tread nose dimension specifications Stair Tread Width Requirements Vary by Open or Closed Stairway Risers Stair Step Tread Nose Projection Requirements Stair Code Citations Photographs

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