composite front fences for 1940s house

'I Saw a Nightmare': Soweto: History, Geography, Society

Alongside the Old Potchefstroom Road into Soweto a sign, double the height of a man and dwarfed only by unruly Eucalyptus trees, declared the entrance to Soweto a private road. Non Bantu entering this area must have a permit, the sign stipulated

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Postings The Army Children Archive TACA

‘I had lived in a bungalow in Jamaica, a Chinese house in northern China and a flat in Hong Kong, but now I was living in a castle: Stirling Castle. Stirling Castle pictured at right , then the depot of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders A SH , is one of the finest

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The Pacific Series TV Tropes

Beach Episode: Not necessarily the entire episode, but at the end of nearly every battle the Marines return to the beach for a little R n' R . Subverted with episode three, wherein they relax and do everything BUT go to the beach. Bedlam House: A very benign one

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Eugene Wade Martin Iowa Cold Cases

Eugene Martin, 13, disappeared on Aug. 12, 1984, in Des Moines while delivering newspapers. He was last seen between 5:30 and 6 a.m. “I hope that he died instantly. I hope he didn’t suffer much,” she told Brilbeck in the second of five cold case installments

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News, Western Canada Baseball JD Mah sites

Canadian semi pro baseball, Western Canada Baseball 23 June, 2018 Two things prompted a renewal of a conversation with Dan Holden Jr. about his athletic family. You'll recall Dan helped us out very recently in identifying his uncle Larry Holden in the 1930

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