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Truck Camping: The Ultimate Guide to Outfitting and Living in a Pickup

This is a monster post about truck camping, a full on guide to outfitting and living in the back of your pickup truck. We are going to cover a lot of information, but you can also just click to jump ahead: Canopy Selection what you need to know when deciding on a

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Truck camping in style Roll Global

Truck camping in style When we decided to road trip around the U.S. we got really excited about outfitting our road trip vehicle. We started to scour the internet for ideas and found a lot of information about converting a truck with a camper shell to a fuel efficient, low

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Your First Kayak Camping Trip Green Wave Forum

Maybe you've done some backpacking in the Rockies or car camping in California or the Carolinas. You have a good understanding of what to take camping but do you need a little help getting ready for your first kayak camping trip? We're here to help.

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Packing a Kayak for Camping Superior Paddling

Awesome list! Though I don’t have a ‘sea’ kayak, and stay pretty local because of my job blah , I’m so excited at the idea of camping out of my kayak!! I’m thinking about hitting the Kinzua Reservior this summer! YAY! Stop on by Kayak Lovers Anonymous on

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Man Turns his Toyota Echo into Stealthy Micro RV for Car Camping

Above and below is the trunk area deck. There’s a cut out on the left to securely hold a 5 gallon water bottle in place. Under the deck there’s room to store a wooden folding table, camp stove, a laptop and a few other small things. A plastic dishpan will hold our

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What to bring on a camping trip? Get Outdoors New England Outdoor Activities Bulletin Board

What to bring on a camping trip? A few years ago some friends and I went to camp out on Prince Edward Island. We created a checklist of things to remember, and I've been adding to it. Thanks to Jim H., The Newc ster, and Susan R. for starting this list! Much of

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Xtra Games

This listing of games was generously provided by Darren Gerson. I haven't had the time to go through the list in detail, but there are several that are repeats of some on the main page, with slightly different rules. In time I hope to incorporate this list into the main page.

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