House Plan Deck on Top India

The GOP finally unveiled its massive tax plan that proposes a sweeping overhaul to the system

The House GOP unveiled its massive tax reform bill on Thursday. Some features proposed: a new top tax rate, new tax brackets, a lower corporate rate, and a compromise on the state and local tax deduction. The bill is the biggest step yet toward the GOP's promised overhaul of the US tax code. House

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Bannon reportedly pitched White House a 3 point plan to derail Mueller Business Insider

Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, has pitched West Wing aides a three part plan to derail the special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, the Washington Post reported Wednesday night. The first step of the plan reportedly calls for

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Accommodations OSHO Guesthouse OSHO Meditation Mindfulness and the Science of the Inner

A beautiful guesthouse, with sixty elegant rooms located adjacent to a pyramidal shaped meditation hall at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India. OSHO Guesthouse is a beautiful starting place for visitors to the Meditation Resort. The tastefully modern

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