do eichler homes have drywall

Postwar Housing Styles Cape Cod, Colonial and Ranch

Contact us for authentic Mid Century Modern design, preservation, restoration, renovation and remodeling services. We specialize in updating period homes while preserving the feel, style and craftsmanship of the historic era. Seamlessly incorporate a modern

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Housing Apocalypse Tomorrow 675,000 homes in foreclosure have made no payment in over two years. The never ending pipeline of troubled real

There will be no sustainable housing recovery until the shadow inventory is cleared out. As of April with the latest data close to 6.4 million loans are delinquent or in foreclosure. This is a massive number of homes. What is downright disturbing of the 2.2 million

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House Styles The Look of the American Home

Home Style of Early British Settlers Stanley Whitman House in Farmington, Connecticut, circa 1720. Photo by Staib / Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike License British who settled in the New England colonies built rustic, square homes with details drawn

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