fake cathedral walkway railing

Batman: Arkham Origins Video Game TV Tropes

The third game in the Batman: Arkham Series but the first in the timeline , released worldwide October 25th, 2013. Set eight years before Joker takes over Arkham Asylum, Batman is in his second year as a crimefighter. Notorious crime boss Black Mask has offered a substantial reward to anyone who

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Soft piano is playing. Tony Stark's mother, Maria, sits at a piano. A young Tony is on the couch. Maria Stark: Try to remember the kind of September/When grass was green… She stops singing as Howard Stark walks in, but continues playing. Wake up, dear

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‘Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!’ «

Courtesy of Anthony Pappalardo The sellers on the bridge: L R Wesley Eisold standing on railing , Brian Essenter, Jamie Manza, Eric Ferentz, Darren “Doc” Jones behind Ferentz , Jesse Gustafson, A.J. McGuire behind Gustafson , Chris Wrenn, Brian Masek

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